I am a Seattle-based freelance writer and professional garden designer.

A member of the Garden Writers Association, my areas of expertise include gardening and environmental issues. My articles have appeared in West Sound Home & Garden magazine, The Seattle Times, Northwest Home + Garden, Northwest Garden News and The East King Trailhead. See below for links to my published work.

I focus especially on the ways we interact with the natural world. Topics I’ve covered include organic yard care, using foliage color to create vibrant gardens with year-round interest, and wildlife-friendly gardening. On a recent trip to Italy, I explored ancient customs about foraging and growing and cooking food. There I found traditions where nature and culture have achieved balance and unity. Finding ways to live sustainably in harmony with nature is a topic of particular interest to me..

See examples of published articles below:






Eisen-EKT -WelcomingWildlife-Sp-07


Eisen-EKT -EdibleContainers-Summer ’07

EKT-Fall ’06-WinterColor


EKT Fall ’07 Bud Krogh Article m1, m6-7

EKT – Eisen-Pumpkins-Fall ’07

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